Quick regeneration for more power and higher performance


5-piece electrolyte component.

Vital substances / vitamins

10-piece combination of vital substances and vitamins.


Rapid glycogen replenishment.

Top reviews and product of the Cologne Liste. Active against doping

Cologne Liste®  //  Kellermann support a clean sport

Prevention of doping in professional sports

Kellermann support a clean sport. The isotonic sports drink is product of the Cologne liste

#cologne liste

The producer Kellermann Mineral drinks is actively supporting the prevention of doping in professional sports by the presence at the Cologne Liste®. The following product is listed there: Isotonic vitamin mineral drink powder type morrello

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Satisfied costumers // TSV Malsch 07

Sports clubs trink Kellermann sports drinks

Reverences for Kellermann isotonic sports drinks


Beside the TSV Malsch 07 we supply hundreds of sport clubs with different orientation. Soccer players, handlers, runners, Nordic walkers, hikers are enthusiastic about our electrolyte drinks.

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Amazon  // top reviews

5 stars on, .es, .it, .fr,

Kellermann sports drinks has top reviews on Amazon


Since 2012, we are active in all European Amazon marketplaces. The Amazon customers love prime shipping and like to pay the higher Amazon price for this premium electrolyte drink.

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