DR. KELLERMANN 's isotonic sports drinks for outdoor sports. Electrolyte drinks that really taste. Sinnce 1971

The isotonic instant drink KELLERMANN ISOTONIC CLASSC is produced by Kellermann Mineral Drinks, Germany. The electrolyte drinks is especially designed for the requirements of outdoor sports. The outdoor sports drink compensates liquid, energy, electrolyte and vital substances losses during high physical and mental performances. The pleasant natural taste facilitates the constant fluid intake during outdoor sports activities. According to the intended effect the drink can be prepared in a isotonic or hypotonic dose. This rehydration drink is perfect for a variety of outdoor sports such as running, walking, marathon, trekking, mountain and glacier climbing, golf, cycling, windsurfing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, etc. After physical and concentrative stress the regeneration and relaxation is achieved by an electrolyte component of 5 pieces, a combination of vital substances and vitamins of 10 pieces and the rapid glycogen replenishment. The pleasant taste facilitates constant fluid intake during outdoor sports activities. The nutrient reference values convince through optimal supply of vitamins and minerals. The composition of zinc, magnesium and calcium prevents performance degradation, normalizes the acid-base metabolism, maintains the  bone / muscle functions and strengthens the immune system.
Kellermann Mineral Drinks reg. merchant had been founded in 1971. The German drink producer always supplied ex works small quantities to private consumers. For decades Kellermann drinks are knows as a secret tip among climbers, ski clubs and running clubs. In the second generation the company has designed a product line specifially for outdoor sports. The isotonic sports drink KELLERMANN ISOTONIC CLASSIC has 3 main effects: rehydration, regeneration, revitalization.