The thurst comes too late

The thurst comes too late  

Fluid balance

The fluid balance plays a central role in the field of outdoor sports. Because during physical and mental efforts almost always fluid loss exceeds fluid intake. A fluid deficit, with the consequence of dehydration is too often underestimated. The effective rehydration i.e. the replenishment of the existing water, energy, electrolytes, nutrients isotonic body fluid is essential for health and performance.

Signal "thirst"

Normally our body gives the signal "thirst" and calls for additional liquid when the body is loosing fluid. This thirst incentive is important during prolonged power requirement in outdoor sports. Kellermann drinks inspire outdoor sportsmen to improve performance by efficent drinking.

"Voluntary“ dehydration

However, the thirst signal often fails or comes too late, often only when - unnoticed by the athlete - a clear fluid loss has occurred. This phenomenon is described in sports medicine as "voluntary" dehydration. Since the thurst often comes too late, the athele should be very conscious of drinking.

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