Shipping costs & terms of delivery

Versand mit DHL

Shipping costs with DHL / Deutsche Post: letter mail and parcel delivery
Country of delivery (in Germany and EU countries plus 7% VAT)   Single packet 500 g   Set 10 pcs
5 kg
15 kg
    Letter mail        
DE   3,83 €   7,92 €    7,92 €
NL,FR,DK,BE,MC,PL,CZ,LU, AT (if Paketmarke International is not available)   7,20 €   14,95 €   24,30 €
CH,LI   7,20 €   20,85 €   40,35 €
AD,GB,IT,SM,ES,SE,HU,SK,SI,VA   7,20 €   16,20 €   28,55 €
BG,EE,FI,GR,IE,PT,CY,LV,MT,RO,LT   7,20 €   16,80 €   27,30 €
Delivery is made according to Incoterms 2010 ex works Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Thus, we do not bear any risk for transport damages and sending time delays. Our shipping logistics partner for national and international parcel shipping is DHL / Deutsche Post. Our customers especially are delighted with the schedule effectiveness, the friendliness of DHL staff, and the speed of shipments. For bulk buyers, we negotiate the most economical shipment alternatives with leading forwarders. All consignments are dispatched in high-quality packaging material. Inventory management and dispatch are supervised by commercial packers, and each consignment is treated with utmost care and in consideration of the environment. Our tracking & tracing technology allows our customers to track the status of their orders at any time.
Photo by DHL Geschäftskundenservice