About us

Über KellermannHelga Kellermann Mineralgetränke e.K. had been founded in 1971. The company is situated in Overath/near Cologne, Germany.

For more than 40 years Kellermann Mineralgetänke has been specialized in the field of isotonic functional drinks. In the seventies Kellermann Mineralgetränke invented the first electrolyte drinks which had been served as "tea" in mining and heavy industry. Until now health and safety as well as heat and workplace protection remained important challeges for industrial beverage supply.  Kellermann Mineralgetränke created isotonic workplace drinks also being called mineral drinks, heat drinks, climate protection drinks, rehydration drinks, mining or work drinks. These functional drinks provide input to the active health protection and intensify emplay motiviation with a demonstrable ROI Return on Investment in Human Health.

Kellermann Mineralgetränke always supplied ex works small quantities to private consumers. For decades Kellermann drinks are knows as a secret tip among climbers, ski clubs and running clubs.

In the second generation the company has designed a specific product line for outdoor sports activities. In 2014 the producer's subsidiary Dr. Kerstin Kellermann reg. merchant takes over the online store isodrinks24.com. The isotonic instant drink for outdoor sports is now exclusively distributed by Dr. Kerstin Kellermann. The owner-leaded company had been founded in 2005. Core competences are elogistics and international eCommerce. Dr. Kerstin Kellermann is the daughter of Dietrich Kellermann, founder and CEO of Kellermann Mineral Drinks. Due to the smooth cooperation within the group Dr. Kerstin Kellermann has a direct interface with production and warehousing of Kellermann Mineral Drinks. Dr. Kerstin Kellermann speaks 5 languages and launches the international expansion of Kellermann Isotonic Classic, the first instant drink for outdoor sports.