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Isodrinks24 is the online shop of Kellermann Mineral Drinks. The beverage manufacturer has specialized in innovative, functional isotonic beverages since 1971. In the 1970s, Kellermann innovated the first electrolyte drinks, which were then used as "tea" or "hot drinks" in mining and heavy industry. Isodrinks24 has been online since 2012 and is aimed at private consumers and bulk buyers. Companies from industry and trade benefit from low prices for isotonic beverage powders and electrolyte beverages in tetra-packs as closed pallets and boxes. Private customers can also order and sets with isotonic sports drinks.

The hydration drink ISOTONIC CLASSIC compensates liquid, energy, electrolyte and vital substances losses during high physical and mental performances. The pleasant natural taste facilitates the constant fluid intake. According to the intended effect the drink can be prepared in a isotonic or hypotonic dose. After physical and concentrative stress the regeneration and relaxation is achieved by an electrolyte component of 5 pieces, a combination of vital substances and vitamins of 10 pieces and the rapid glycogen replenishment. The nutrient reference values convince through optimal supply of vitamins and minerals. The composition of zinc, magnesium and calcium prevents performance degradation, normalizes the acid-base metabolism, maintains the  bone / muscle functions and strengthens the immune system.

The JOYCE product line is NEW in the program. The table water JOYCE AQUA and the sports drink JOYCE ISO POWER are currently only offered as a closed paletts. If you need a smaller quantity, please contact us directly. Your direct contact person is Christoph Kellermann.


Isotonic sports drink for outdoor sports. Morello taste. Set with 10 packs of 500 g powdered drink.
Kellermann Isotonic Classic is an isotonic sports drink for outdoor sports. This offer does include a set of 10 packets with 500 g instant powder in morello flavour.
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